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Brazilian jiu jitsu, also called BJJ, can really benefit everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, male, female. Chances are if you’re training jiu jitsu you will get in awesome shape and walk around with your confidence high. Find out below how training BJJ at Focus Jiu Jitsu Eindhoven can benefit you.

There are multiple reasons people join a BJJ gym but the main benefits of training jiu jitsu are:

· Weight loss/ strength gain.

· Stress relief.

· Learning self defense skills.

· Learning problem solving skills.

· Joining an amazing community.

Weight loss and strength gain:

BJJ is really a full body workout full of functional fitness movements. It’s a great and fun form of cardio as well. Rolling for only half an hour a day can greatly enhance your endurance and get you in shape in no time.

BJJ is a mix aerobic and anaerobic exercise. With just training jiu jitsu you can skip all those boring gym sessions and get the best of both worlds.

At Focus jiu jitsu Eindhoven we will be focusing on techniques that are proven to work in competition and you will get lots of chances to try them out on the mat. That will give you a solid workout for sure.

Stress relief:

There’s nothing better than to forget all your problems after a rough and stressful day. What if I told you BJJ can offer that? What stands out most when you see a BJJ group is that everyone is always very relaxed and smiling. Even though BJJ is aggressive in nature, it’s a great stress reliever. Sparring can be quite intense and asks you to really focus on the task at hand, not getting choked out, this easily makes you forget about the rough day you had and will relieve you of the tension daily life can bring. Sparring in jiu jitsu can really help you to blow of steam and at Focus jiu jitsu Eindhoven we will be doing lots of sparring so we can all go home smiling and feeling relaxed after a good training session.

Learning self defense skills:

We will be focusing on techniques that are proven to work in competition. So mostly this is sport jiu jitsu. We also hope you would never need to use any self defense but the sport jiu jitsu you will learn is going to be much more effective than your regular self defense class. The BJJ you learn at Focus Jiu Jitsu Eindhoven will not only work as self-defense, but it also even works against highly trained jiu jitsu competitors as well.

Learning problem solving skills:

Of course, you will get a tough workout. But what about the mind? BJJ is not only brute strength. You will have an easier time when you focus on the techniques and concepts that each position brings. Here you get a chance to work on your problem-solving skills.

Each position in jiu jitsu is like a mini puzzle that needs solving. With the techniques and concepts, we’re looking at you will get a solid base to not only apply those techniques but also to think for yourself and come up with your own solutions.

If you like a high pace workout that’s never the same and gives new challenging puzzles every time, we will see you on the mat!

Joining an amazing community:

BJJ is much more than a normal sport, it’s a lifestyle. Training jiu jitsu, rolling with different people is such a unique and bonding experience that it always creates a tight community. Brazilian jiu jitsu really is for everyone, from children to adults. There are still 60-year old’s still competing. In the BJJ community there’s really a place for everyone. You can come over and do a few trail classes with us at Focus jiu jitsu Eindhoven to find out for yourself just how addictive BJJ can be. Once you’re hooked you will be part of a culture with the goal to constantly learn from each other and improve yourself.

Want to try your first BJJ/ grappling class?

If you feel like you want to try and see if BJJ is really all that great. Just send us a message and we’ll plan in a free trail. The first week of BJJ training at Focus Jiu Jitsu Eindhoven is always free. So come over and see for yourself how great Brazilian jiu jitsu can be.