How many times should a beginner train BJJ

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How many times should you train when you just got started with BJJ.


For beginners in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), establishing a consistent training routine is essential to effectively develop their skills. The frequency of training sessions can vary based on personal schedules, physical condition, and other commitments. However, it is generally recommended to train BJJ at least two to three times per week for noticeable progress.

Consistent training enables the development of muscle memory, improvement of techniques, and a deeper understanding of BJJ principles. Balancing training frequency with proper rest and recovery is crucial as BJJ is physically demanding, allowing the body to adapt and repair.

In addition to attending regular classes, supplementing training with strength and conditioning exercises can enhance overall physical fitness. Participating in open mat sessions or rolling with training partners outside of formal classes can also aid progress.

Remember, mastering BJJ takes time and dedication, so consistency and patience are key. By listening to your body, pacing yourself, and gradually increasing training frequency, you can become more comfortable and experienced over time.

Making sure you don’t get injured is key. Being injured and having to take time off will mess up being consistent. When learning a new skill it’s important to do it at least a couple of times a week over a longer period of time.

And how not to get injured at the white belt level you say!? Try to relax as much as possible during training. When you’re tense and pushing and pulling at the wrong moments, this is where the accidents happen. This is going to be difficult but being mindful of it will already help.

So be consistent, relax as much as possible and start building up the frequency. This is the only short cut to getting good fast. Oss!!

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