BJJ Beginners class

The BJJ beginners class will teach you simple but effective techniques and most importantly it will teach you how to move for jiu jitsu. This is perfect if you would really like to start at the beginning. 

BJJ/ Nogi Fundamentals

This is a class for all levels. The BJJ taught in this class is also great for beginners and for the advanced jiu jitsu people. We will focus on fundamental positions and build effective attack systems for there. There will be plenty of time to roll and the technique will be important for all levels. All BJJ technique in this class can be considered fundamental for the sport.

BJJ Advanced training

The advanced training should not be considered a class. It’s a training that’s perfect for the people that would like to drill the techniques a little bit more and are looking for some extra sparring rounds.

When there are important competitions coming up some of the advanced BJJ and Nogi trainings will be more focused on getting competition ready.

Open mat

This is mostly a sparring and drilling session. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions about things you want to improve. This is a great opportunity to work on your jiu jitsu yourself.


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